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Consumers will see it most clearly, Tins are very versatile for storing food, like some types of food tins such as chocolate, candy, cookies. Tin cans are commonly used with bakery products and many other products. Here are important points for tin packaging design businesses who want to switch from plastic packaging to metal packaging

lon thiếc đựng bánh quy
Tin Box for Cookies


Cake Packaging Material

The tin cans are made of ETP iron and TFS iron. Iron thickness 0.20mm. The inside of the body, lid and two sides of the bottom are coated with protective gold varnish, The outside of the body and the lid of the box are printed in color proof signed by both parties. Inks and varnishes suitable for food storage

Material: Tin thickness 0.20mm-0.22mm

Size: 190 x 75, 240cm, 245cm...height can be adjusted depending on your requirements

Printing: CMYK printing, can print your design (Logo)

Printing specifications: All specifications, designs, colors, quality of goods as samples approved between the two parties

Certificate: ISO 9001:2015, FSSC22000

Quality: Food Grade, Safe, Recyclable, Durable

LOGO: Yes, printable and embossable

Usage: For packing biscuits, biscuits

Delivery date: 18-25 days after sample confirmation


in hộp thiếc đựng bánh


thùng thiếc đựng bánh
Rectangular cake tin box


Size of regular cake box


Rectangular box 142 x 172 x 239
Round box 190 x 75
Round box 240 x 70
Round box 255 x 75
Round box 265 x 73
Round box 290 x 75
Rectangular box 300 x 210 x 67
Square box 270 x 270 x 67
Rectangular box 248 x 160 x 40
Round box 99 x 170
Round box 84 x 170
Rectangular box 165 x 115 x 65
Rectangular box 185 x 115 x 56
Rectangular box 165 x 95 x 70


Packaging Positioning Increase Quality Value 

One of the main benefits of western iron or some Metal Boxes as packaging materials. Permitted on metallic surfaces. Different colors can be used on metal and create attractive outer packaging. The tin plate is shiny and looks sturdy, along with really protecting cookies and other food products.

Why Choose Tin Box for Cookies

The tin can concept serves as a combination of eye-catching aesthetics and sturdy packaging that protects food from air, moisture and light.

Boxes in the form of cans, boxes and other containers, are the top choice for food packaging as they are reliable in blocking environmental factors that threaten to degrade food.

Tin plate is simply a sturdy barrier to keep the taste, texture and aroma of food, as well as protect the food from bacteria. The metal container is airtight, creating durability for long-term storage, for longer use. The fact that tins are recyclable adds to their popularity during the holiday season, when people think more about helping others. Another advantage of metal is that it allows food to be preserved without the use of chemical preservatives.




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