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"The success of our customers is our success"

With the motto "Product quality is the responsibility and guarantee of My Chau" to customers and the goal is to constantly develop and innovate, along with modern equipment and closed production processes, From the raw material to the production of finished products, customers coming to My Chau will be assured of all aspects of quality, product price and delivery time with perfect after-sales service, "With customers towards The future "is a slogan of action, a sincere promise for all near and far customers to cooperate and develop.

Vision, mission & core values

Ensure harmony of interests of stakeholders, towards sustainable development.


Being an essential partner who always stands side by side on the journey to affirm the brand position of customers with effective and comprehensive packaging solutions.


Become the number 1 food metal packaging supplier in Vietnam by 2027

Core values

Quality: Quality always comes first
Credible: Always a reliable companion
Creativity: Always be creative to find the most comprehensive and optimal solution

Quality management and the environment

Certificate of quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015, FSSC 22000
Leaders commit and create enough resources in applying and improving the system
The quality of products and services is highly appreciated by customers
Factory, good equipment, well-trained staff

Leadership Commitment:
1. Product quality is the number 1 priority
2. 100% control of products before delivery to customers
3. Track the product's origin
Environmental Policy, to ensure that the production activities of My Chau Packaging Company related to the environment always comply with
environmental laws and policies
Food safety
In the food sector, food safety is a top priority.
My Chau Packaging Company has applied the most appropriate measures to its processes and systems to convey the necessary safety and quality requirements,
My Chau has won the following certifications:
FSSC:22000 Level A guarantees food safety during the production of its products as well as no risk of internal and external contamination during production.

chứng nhận bao bì kim loại







Sustainable Development Enterprise Gold Cup of the Ministry of Industry and Trade
Gold Cup of Vietnamese Brands WTO Integration
Ho Chi Minh City Environmental Award
Gold Cup Elite Products/Services WTO Integration
Prestigious securities brand

Certificate of Achievement

My Chau Printing and Packaging Joint Stock Company


Formerly My Chau Canned Factory was established in 1957, specializing in supplying canned products to the domestic market in the 1960s - 1970s.

After 1975, My Chau Canned Factory was renamed My Chau Food Export Factory exporting canned fruit and vegetable products to the European and North American markets. Output in the 1980s amounted to 10,000 tons of canned goods/year.

In 1999, My Chau Export Export Bond Factory was equitized under the name of My Chau Printing and Packaging Joint Stock Company, turning to the field of Printing and manufacturing metal packaging, specializing in providing printed sheets and packaging. in metal designed, perfectly printed to compete with imports and is export-oriented. This is a completely new field for Vietnamese industry at the moment. There are more than 1,000 employees, more than 300 customers accompanying My Chau, specializing in manufacturing and printing coated tin cans/tin cans for the food and industrial sectors in Vietnam market. Factory of My Chau Printing and Packaging Joint Stock Company, is in the field of printing and manufacturing metal packaging, specializing in providing pre-designed printed sheets and metal packaging, perfect printing to compete with imported and export-oriented. This is a completely new field for Vietnam's industry today.

Areas of Operation Include:

1. Producing, printing and processing all kinds of metal packaging (Tin cans, Paint tins, 2-piece cans, 3-piece cans)

3-piece can with lid types: regular lid, easy-to-open lid, pry cap and tear cap. Cans are used in pasteurized and sterilized wet food industry such as fish, meat, crab, agricultural products, coconut milk. And the dry food industry includes milk powder, nut milk, nuts, beans, cereals, coffee, tea, cake, candy, chocolate. Paint tin containers with lids: pry lid, retractable plastic lid, plastic screw cap and lid. Cans are used in the packaging and preservation of industrial products such as varnishes, galvanized coatings, lubricants, glues, chemicals, varnishes & inks.
2. Metal Packaging Printing Service
My Chau, besides manufacturing metal packaging in 2-3 piece cans, also provides printing services on tin and aluminum metal such as printing beer bottle caps, beverage bottle caps.

+ Printed with varnish on iron, Printed bottle caps

+ Ensure tightness because the body, lid, and bottom can be made of the same material, so they do not age over time

+ Protects against light as well as ultraviolet rays on food

+ Has high temperature resistance and high heat transfer capacity.


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