Using Tin Boxes to Make Drinks Bars

My Chau Packaging Company is not only a manufacturer of food packaging tins, but also a multi-purpose and custom-made tin box manufacturer. Round metal boxes are available in plain unprinted form. Sizes range from 5.5oz to 32oz.

Customers who have just launched a product can choose a plain tin can without printing, and order a sticker to stick the label on the can.

This stylish tin can offers a truly distinct elegance, Perfect for creating a unique cocktail drink offering

Stay on top of the bar, restaurant, DIY... these cocktail tins are sure to be the focal point of any cocktail. Made of 100% food safe tin, these tins are perfect for serving either food or drinks.

Product features:

Beverage containers shaped like food tins
Material: Tin with tin finish - 100% food safe
Ideas to create a different style, catch up with the trend

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