Spoon and Chopsticks Box

Stainless Steel Spoon and Chopsticks Container Set
Shiny tin box, durable and easy to clean. Simple design but will contribute to make your kitchen more modern

The Function Of The Spoon and Chopsticks Case
Function: Kitchen tools

Surface: Polished

Application: Household appliances in the kitchen or restaurant

Catering & Canteens, Food & Beverage Stores, Specialty Stores, Food & Beverage Manufacturing, Supermarkets, Household Manufacturing and Extraction, Cafés and Coffee Shops

Materials: Metal Stainless Steel

Feature: Sustainable, Tidy for the Kitchen

Brand: Metal Packaging Creative Housewares (Trademark of My Chau Printing and Packaging JSC)

Description Production Box

Made of stainless steel, anti-rust, durable, anti-oxidation and acid

Comes with the corresponding Combo

Garlic Onion Container
Cans for seasoning onions, garlic... (can be used as a spice tray)

Elegant looking stainless steel material can add on the dining table or kitchen to your kitchen and highlight and neat

Simple kitchen utensil holder to organize utility tools such as can opener, ice cream scoop, onion, garlic, keeping your kitchen neat and orderly.

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