Spoon and Chopsticks Box Features
✔ These beautiful and attractive item-safe metal boxes will bring a sense of utility to your kitchen
✔ Round galvanized metal carrying case
✔ Decorative and stylish cans are designed to hold powder, sugar, coffee and tea, spoons, chopsticks, spoons. This cutlery tin box set will complete your kitchen
✔ Ideal for storing dry food and goods. The lid has a silicone lid to keep food fresh and dry.
Made of PP material, it is healthy and can be directly related to food and easy to carry.
Large open compartment, convenient for housewives, easy to clean.
Hollow base, not easy to collect water, clean.
It's comfortable, easy to store, and has a small size that won't take up your space.
Material: PP + TPR
Features: anti-slip and durable
Big size
Weight: about 500g for large size and 105g for small size
Scope: Kitchen utensil storage

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