Tin Packaging Production Process

In order to meet the strict requirements of quality, progress, aesthetics as well as a large number of customers, in recent years, the Company has constantly invested in factories, renewed equipment and machinery. imported from countries with advanced manufacturing industries in the world such as Germany, Italy, Spain, and Taiwan.

All kinds of coating machines, printing machines, 3-piece can winding machines, 2-piece can stamping machines, cap stamping machines....

With many synchronous and automatic devices from printing to welding cans, flared eyelids and bales.

In order to improve competitiveness and affirm corporate social responsibility towards people, nature and environment, in addition to constantly investing in innovation of production lines and modern technology, JSC My Chau printing and packaging always maintains and develops a quality and environmental management system according to ISO 9001: 2015 and FSSC 22000 standards.

Ensuring the quality of input materials is the first important factor affecting the quality of finished products.

tin packaging production process
Tin packaging production process
Outstanding advantages of My Chau:

Prestige and quality of products with stable outstanding quality, with a team of staff and skilled workers
Production process with modern technology
The price is suitable to the needs of customers and partners
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We have a market-appropriate size range, automatic production of various diameters and custom cans heights.Multi-style.
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