Tin packaging for milk powder

Milk Powder Packaging 

Milk powder packaging should use high quality materials and creative packaging design. Good packaging is not only about product protection, but also marketing for brands, promoting products, popular with users and promoting sales. American packaging We understand that many brands of powdered milk are having "innovative" requirements in packaging design to meet the increasing demands of consumers. We recommend brands to innovate both in packaging materials and in packaging design.

The quality requirements of powdered milk for packaging and materials are mainly based on functional requirements, including safety factors such as oxygen barrier, moisture resistance, light resistance, sealing, odor. (solvent residue) and its printing and mechanical properties, such as physical properties, heat sealing properties, surface smoothness, printing quality, etc. In order to meet the above requirements, Powdered milk companies must carefully choose reputable packaging suppliers to ensure product quality.

Typically, as a high-fat, high-protein nutritional food, powdered milk requires highly waterproof packaging materials such as metal film laminated bags for packaging and storage, and for filling nitrogen inside to ensure an oxygen-free or low-oxygen environment inside. Avoid oxidation and degradation of milk powder. Besides, the packaging of milk powder also requires the following great functions.

1. Light weight, good mechanical properties.

2. Good barrier properties and permeability.

3. Good chemical stability.

4. Excellent optical properties.

5. Maintain good hygiene.

6. Good processing performance and decorative properties.

bao bì sữa bột

What packaging material is preferred for powdered milk? Many milk powder manufacturers choose aluminum-coated packaging materials, why?

Aluminum plated structure packing film is safer than BOPP structure. Among them, the packaging cost with aluminum foil structure is relatively high, but the shelf life is longer, usually up to one and a half to two years. The packaging cost of the aluminized structure is relatively low, but the shelf life is relatively short, usually no more than a year and a half. As for the BOPP structure, since the BOPP material itself has poor heat resistance, it is generally not suitable for use on automatic milk powder packaging machines. It is mainly used to make prefabricated bags for craft packaging.

Aluminum foil has good moisture resistance, rust resistance, air resistance, light resistance and corrosion resistance, moderate hardness, mechanical strength, good ductility, easy processing, can be combined with paper and plastic to form a high barrier. , high temperature resistant aluminum-plastic composite material, Suitable for high temperature sterilization packaging, vacuum packaging and so on. The use of aluminum foil composite material can effectively improve the shelf life of the product and resist the penetration of grease into the packaging.

Aluminum-plastic packaging also has its own limitations. For example, aluminum foil is not resistant to folding, and aluminum foil is prone to pinholes, punctures and breakage during vacuum packaging or product circulation. The barrier performance of aluminum-plastic packaging is greatly reduced after mixing, and even penetration holes appear. However, if a high barrier layer such as PA and EVOH is added to the composite layer, it can not only protect the aluminum foil, but also maintain the barrier properties of the perforated aluminum foil material to a higher degree. Therefore, when the milk powder packaging material is easy to squeeze and knead during transportation or storage and transportation, if this type of packaging is selected, the performance of the material combined with the aluminum foil is very important.

In general, the oxygen transmission rate of the aluminum-plastic composite film is less than 12.5px3/.24h.0.1MPa and the water vapor transmission rate is less than 0.5g/.24h. It is a commonly used packaging material for powdered milk. Comparatively speaking, the more layers of composite, the better the barrier performance and physical properties, but the higher the cost, and the excessive increase in packing performance is wasteful and unnecessary. When designing packaging materials, consideration should be given to powdered milk packaging technology and shelf life requirements when selecting the right one.

Packaging solutions. My Chau Metal Packaging is a reputable manufacturer that can provide premium powdered milk packaging solutions. We specialize in metal packaging for all kinds of products. We have research and development to back our claims and are always improving our production methods. So, if you are looking for the best solution to pack your formula, look no further than My Chau Metal Packaging.

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