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"The success of our customers is our success"

With the motto "Product quality is the responsibility and guarantee of My Chau" to customers and the goal is to constantly develop and innovate, along with modern equipment and closed production processes, From the raw material to the production of finished products, customers coming to My Chau will be assured of all aspects of quality, product price and delivery time with perfect after-sales service, "With customers towards The future "is a slogan of action, a sincere promise for all near and far customers to cooperate and develop.

Vision, mission & core values

Ensure harmony of interests of stakeholders, towards sustainable development.


Becoming the leading industrial production group with leading quality, in which Manufacturing and processing is the core field. As one of the biggest enterprises in Vietnam in metal packaging, constantly innovating and innovating factory technology. Commitment to meeting customer requirements. Wishing to become the leading manufacturer in Vietnam in the field of metal packaging. By 2025, it will become the largest metal packaging company in Vietnam. Vietnam's leading enterprise in metal packaging. Products and unique design ideas.


Providing leading products, contributing to improving the quality of life, gaining the trust of customers. Enhance Your Product Brand Level

Core values

"Integrating and developing" in all relationships, ensuring the harmony of interests of stakeholders, towards sustainable development. Building a reliable, sustainable and long-term relationship like a person home with sales agents who have been with the Group since its inception, bringing pride to customers with exquisite jewelry products, superior quality to honor the value and beauty of woman

Quality management and the environment

What makes us different?

Certificate of Achievement

My Chau Printing and Packaging Joint Stock Company

My Chau Printing and Packaging Joint Stock Company

Formerly known as My Chau Canned Factory was established in 1957, specialized in providing canned products to the domestic market in the years 1960 - 1970.

After 1975, My Chau Canned Factory was renamed to America America Export Food Factory to export canned fruit and vegetables products to Europe and North America. Production in the 1980s amounted to 10,000 tons of canned food / year.

In 1999, My Chau TPXK Factory was equitized with the name My Chau Printing and Packaging Joint Stock Company, shifting to the field of printing and manufacturing metal packaging, specializing in providing printing sheets and packaging. Designed metal, printed perfectly to compete with import and export-oriented. This was a completely new field for Vietnamese industry at that time


  • Japanese coil cutting line.
  • 2 color printing line brand LTG - MAILANDER and automatic ink control system
  • with a capacity of 6,500 sheets / hour Model 1999 - 2000 of the Federal Republic of Germany.
  • Verni coating line branded LTG - MAILANDER with a capacity of 5,500 sheets /
  • hour Model 2000 - 2001 of the Federal Republic of Germany.
    DECEPEDA brand Spanish automatic 2-piece can stamping line with a capacity of
  • 7,000 boxes / hour, providing products for seafood and animal processing factories.
  • Soudronic high-speed electric welding machine and welding line protection system.
  • Module of ribbed, flare, neck grab, and Sabatier sigging.
  • Bonfiglioli cans sealing machine brand
  • Mectra branding machine.
  • Stretch film wrapping machine EXP – 108
  • 50/52/73 lid stamping machine and pasta injection system.
  • 307 cap press and pasta injection system
  • 401 lid stamping machine and pasta injection system
  • Square cake box production line
  • Sample printer.
  • Drying machine.


The investment in the above machinery and equipment makes the production increasingly closed and continuously develops, the product quality is maintained at a high level, the market share is stable, the company's revenue and income increase on average 10 - 15 years.

Since 2003, the Company has implemented the management according to ISO 9001: 2000 certified by SGS organization. The implementation of ISO within the company makes production more and more efficient, saves materials and raises employees' awareness.

From 2006 onwards, My Chau Printing and Packaging Joint Stock Company will aim to invest deeply to expand production scale, modernize machinery and equipment and continue to implement the strategy of product diversification. is based on successful investment projects from 1999 to 2005

Depending on the actual situation, market developments and customer needs, My Chau Printing and Packaging Joint Stock Company intends to invest as follows:

  • 2-color coated printing line and automatic ink control system.
  • The exhaust treatment system of the existing verni coating line.
  • Can body welding line and welding line protection at Iron box workshop.
  • Proceed to automate the rim stamping, bottom stamping and lid stampingmachine of the paint can workshop.
  • 1 production line for electric welding cans Æ 65; Æ 127; Æ.
  • 1 palettizer in the 2-piece can workshop.
  • 1 production line for 2-piece cans for Æ cans
  • Aerosol production line.
  • Automated packaging in all production workshops.

With equipment invested from 1999 up to now and investment plans approved by the general meeting of shareholders, with the goal of constantly developing with stable product quality and increasingly sustainable market share, My Chau Printing and Packaging Joint Stock Company believes that in the coming time, My Chau will be a reliable brand address to meet all the needs of customers for the development of tin cans of the processing industry. transform food and vegetables in Vietnam, meeting the requirements of industrialization and modernization of the country in the new era

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